Mahy Certified Translation

Mahy certified Translation Company established on 2012, resident in 19 Hesham Shams St., Mariouttia, Haram - Al Yasmin Tower – 5th Floor, Flat 20th - Egypt .

The company adopts a new concept for Translation Companies makes it different. The company translates in all fields (legal, economic, financial, engineering, technical and medical translation, researches and academic) depending on specialized translators have license and master degree in translation.

We aim to translate the correspondence of the source text to another text to produce high quality in translation. Attestations for all official documents in all over the world. Issuing visas and interviews in embassies .

When we built our company we keen on quality to satisfy you and we can make it in superior fastness for what our translator do to satisfy you, administration and high quality systems that we are follow up as well as we deal with a professional publishers and experts rewrite documents, and we certify all texts we translated and what do we document it. .

Information Privacy and Confidentiality

Our commitment is a quit confidentiality in all documents we received and we consider any of our customer translation and attestation a confidential document and private. Our translators deal with top accurate information. We in Mahy certified Translation Company aware that confidentiality is very important in deal with information we get; as a result the work course that we follow reflects that we understand that principle, and that we respect it and we save any of documents and materials we received of our customers through a several levels of security procedures and it's not allowed to any one to know any of this texts that we have translated except who works on the translated document, and we ask every translator work with us to sign an agreement to keep information secret to grant you a grantee that is save as we pleasure to sign an agreement with you to keep information of translated text secret.


We in Mahy certified Translation Company hands you your translated works and attested documents that you given it to us in the time you determine and as you want as well as we follow a decisive measures to produce high quality and we have no exceptions to produce low quality.

Precedent works

We offer comprehensive services to individuals, companies and organizations in different languages and in professional specialization administration to grantee obtaining to an ideal production in all works and we seek to get trust of our customers with our ability to achieve all requirements in a definite time.